Shared Part 90 Spectrum Means Monitoring Before Transmitting

Walkie TalkieOn May 16, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) to Utility Mapping Services Inc. (UMSI) for its operation of a Trimble R8-Model 2 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver modem on 461.075 MHz, a Part 90 UHF shared frequency, in a manner that caused interference to co-channel users. Continue reading “Shared Part 90 Spectrum Means Monitoring Before Transmitting”

Should Your State Opt-Out Of FirstNet?

OK, I admit it, the headline is click-bait.  However, given everyone’s opinion on this, now that AT&T is about to roll out state plans, it really is appropriate to fully discuss at this time.

Right now, the proper answer is “I don’t know.”  And the reason for that non-committal response is several fold: (1) you haven’t seen your state plan, so it’s impossible to know yet if the FirstNet plan makes sense for your state, regardless of what you’ve been told by people “in the know”; (2) every state is different, there cannot be a cookie cutter answer. What works for one state may not work for another; and (3) I don’t know what you’ve done so far to research your options. Continue reading “Should Your State Opt-Out Of FirstNet?”

Small Cell Deployment – Your Chance To Provide Input

After Net Neutrality, perhaps the most controversial current proceeding at the Federal Communications Commission is the Broadband Deployment proceeding.  This proceeding deals with how wireless carriers and other tower companies can implement small cell, 5G systems in communities without significant barriers. Continue reading “Small Cell Deployment – Your Chance To Provide Input”